Focusing On What Matters: Me!

This weekend I took the time to focus on what really matters…me, myself and I.IMG_20130112_192319-1As part of my 25 before 25, I had fun this weekend and spent me time.IMG_20130113_163005I bought myself some yummy groceries.IMG_20130113_191336Drank lots of coffee.IMG_20130114_074222Enjoyed some wine from a vineyard.IMG_20130113_152030Bought wine.IMG_20130113_195120-1At a whole pie of flatbread pizza.IMG_20130113_174839And of course chocolate chips were in order.IMG_20130113_213315Nature is my blissIMG_20130113_125118Question: What did you do this weekend? I obviously did too much. And did I go overboard with the fat and acid? For sure, but I am back on track with that!


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