Fun Finds Friday #24: Yogurt Heaven & More

I finally bring you a Fun Finds Friday. This week it’s all about yogurt and some other random goodies. All was very delicious and I would try every single one over and over. Of course, some more then others. I haven’t been feeling to well, which you can tell by the lazy hair do. It’s probably just the weather. Any who, moving on…IMG_20130117_100922-1First up is Dreaming Cow’s vanilla agave yogurt. I’m a sucker for a good ole vanilla yogurt so I had to try this one. It has more of a smoothie consistency which was great because I “drank” it before work one day. But the next flavor that I tried, oh boy.

IMG_20130114_160840I love the cow by the way, it it so adorable? It’s so awesome that they list all the goodness it has inside.IMG_20130114_160900Maple ginger? Out of the two, hands down maple ginger wins. I could eat it all day and maybe use it to top the cinna-bun breakfast cake.IMG_20130114_112311Another cute little cow, hehe.IMG_20130114_114552I also found this Greek yogurt by Eros. I didn’t really find a website for this Greek yogurt but seriously, if you spot it, try it! It’s really up there for me in taste. It’s rich and creamy and I love that it only has 15g of sugar per serving versus other Greek yogurts that are higher.IMG_20130118_170928Raw cheese? I also spotted some raw cheddar cheese. It’s suppose to be better on the digestion. From what I could tell, it definitely was a little better and it tasted so creamy and fresh.

IMG_20130114_132515Spice Muffin? You should know that I love me a good muffin. The spice muffin was absolutely delicious. I wish they weren’t just in Vermont. Guess it gives me an excuse to go visit, I supposeIMG_20130114_135354Question: Any fun finds for you this week? I must get my hands on more Eros Greek yogurt!


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