Sunday Rambles

Sunday is designated ramble day. Check out my love who wakes me up every morning.IMG_20130117_075847-1But doesn’t love when I mess with him.IMG_20130116_215153My friend is awesome. I make her lots of breakfasts and she so kindly gave me a Trader Joe’s gift card.IMG_20130115_104253Gym? All day, every day. I even gone twice in one day. It feels so good.IMG_20130109_14141399% dark chocolate? Absolutely disgusting and taste like dirt. Sorry Lindt!IMG_20130114_094419It’s time to update you on my 25 Before 25Five down, 20 more to go!

  1. Go to my THIRD Broadway play.
  2. See a comedy show with friends.
  3. Visit Boston and eat all day.
  4. Attend the personal training certification and pass!
  5. Visit a Vineyard and find a wine I like.
  6. Kiss a random stranger (and other crazy things, shh!)
  7. Take my parents out to dinner and thank them for all they’ve done for me.
  8. Take a trip somewhere, anywhere, ALONE.
  9. Finish reading at least FIVE books, not school related.
  10. Go hiking.
  11. Sign up for a 5k.
  12. Take my dad to a baseball gone, not in NEW YORK.
  13. Get a pair of sexy heels
  14. Buy a good pair of jeans.
  15. Treat myself to a nice hotel.
  16. Start my coaching program.
  17. Complete a full week being solely vegan.
  18. Have “x” amount of money in the bank.
  19. Get rid of half my wardrobe and donate it.
  20. Write a letter to my 40 year old self and open it then (love this idea)
  21. Learn how to let go and go with the flow.
  22. Be fearless, and get over my anxiety.
  23. Give new things a chance.
  24. *Personal-D*
  25. *Personal-H*

Question: How’s your weekend going? Enjoy your Sunday!


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