WIAW #36: Veganize Me… Ish

I’ve been creating a lot of vegan dishes lately. Well for the most part… gotta have my yogurt! I bought a soy yogurt to try from Stoneyfield. We shall see how that tastes. Any who, if you are new to the WIAW party, check it out over at Peas and Crayons!wiawphotobuttonThis breakfast, which was some vegan waffles was so simple and is so delicious!424289_10101475076062610_1726710134_nFor snack, I gobbled up this little bad boy. Best yogurt, ever.IMG_20130103_183130Lunch? A vegan veggie burger with salad, pumpkin seeds. As you can tell, I am still addicted to said pumpkin seeds. I seriously need to stop, like now.

IMG_20130122_122652Other snacks? Fruit! And it’s happy to see ya, hehe.IMG_20130122_223219
For dinner I drank, I mean cooked…

IMG_20130120_191744I’m such a “gnocchi” I swear. Wait, does that even makes sense?IMG_20130118_172334Dessert? Chocolate mousse (minus the egg whites) mixed with more yogurt and more pumpkin seeds. How original Sabrina. Perhaps the wine is too much for ya?

IMG_20130118_171119Question: White wine or red? I absolutely hate red wine. So, I think you know my answer. Or maybe no wine for you if you are under 21 or you just don’t drink. Kudos to ya!


8 thoughts on “WIAW #36: Veganize Me… Ish

  1. Your vegan waffles look delicious! As do the rest of your eats! I like white wine during the summer and red wine during the winter. However, lately I’ve been craving a glass of white wine while I cook dinner. So I go with it 🙂

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