Call Me Stupid… Just This One Time?

Can you believe it’s the end of January in a couple of days? Like what the hell… where did the time go? I think I am having a quarter-life crisis here because the time is going so fast and it’s FREAKING ME OUT! Breathe Sabrina… breathe. *Fakes a smile*IMG_20130123_125211I finally did some real grocery shopping, I think. I got some veggies, fruit, black beans, wraps, butter, yogurt and such. You know… the “Sabrina basics.”IMG_20130125_111202Once I got home from the grocery store, I made some of the breakfast cakes and topped them with almonds and some pumpkin/ sunflower seeds. So delicious.IMG_20130124_212059I also got back into my gym routine because since going to the ER, I haven’t really been doing anything strenuous. It felt good to get back on it.IMG_20130125_150638One of the days this week, my friend and I went for breakfast in Salem. I had a mean craving for french toast. Yes I did eat it. No not the sausage and bread but the french toast; wheat and all. It was so good and worth it but how did I feel? Not too bad, but it did hit me after a while.IMG_20130124_091556Then I had this obsession with eating my allergens. I went on a complete binging rampage and I ate 17 mini peanut butter cups and chocolate peanut butter ice cream. What the hell, Sabrina? I felt like complete crap. The room was spinning and I was breathing heavy. It was so horrible as I just knocked out on the bed and woke up at like five in the morning.IMG_20130124_220035I declare I will never, EVER do that again. Ever. So on Friday I cleaned up my diet and ate back on schedule; low-fat, low-acid and clean. Except of a few fries. I’m also doing more greens and less carbs at dinner. It felt really good and I am happy to be back on track. My tummy thanks me.IMG_20130125_155025Question: Do you ever get off track or worse binge? Okay, I know we all do, but how about those with allergies? I have been binge free for almost two years and I was not happy about this one bit. Time to snap out of it for sure. But in terms of my allergens, sometimes traces just sneak in on me. I hate it, but I know I must control it because why would I want to feel crappy?


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