Two Week Tune Up!

Happy Monday ya’ll! How was your weekend? Mines was pretty awesome for the most part filled with goodies (and a not so good evening). I went out to dinner with my friend to The Franklin. It was such a nice day Sunday and I just wanted to head to Gloucester. You know how much I love to drive...IMG_20130127_140005Remember when I went for my 24th birthday? I did eat the same thing, meaning I ate the burger. I know this year is all about doing vegetarian but you know what? I’m doing me and I have no guilt. I enjoyed my iron boost for the meal and now it’s back on the veg wagon.IMG_20130127_170500We also had some dessert from Whole Foods. My life is never complete without dessert. I had a triple chocolate mousse cake (minus the cake part). So good!IMG_20130127_185837But this week starting today, I am declaring it a two week tune up week! What does that exactly mean? Well, definitely I need to clean up my diet a bit better and really focus on the low acid/ low fat (aka little to no chocolate) diet. I also slacked last week with the yoga. Partly that was because I was sick, but I am going to step it up and focus.clean-eatingSo what are the goals for the next two weeks?

  1. Do yoga at least three times a week for 30 minutes
  2. Wake up before 8:00am (goal is to wake up before 7:30am!)
  3. Limit my chocolate to two times per week.
  4. Keep up with my gym routine (I’ll be changing it starting next week though).
  5. Watch my fat intake (keep it to less then 55 grams).

Hey it’s perfect timing because once the two week tune up ends, it will be Valentine’s Day and no matter what happens, I am going to look good. For who? Myself of course 😉

Question: How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? For the most part I am doing pretty well. If you want to join me on this two week tune up, please comment below with what you want to focus on.


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