Fun Finds Friday #25? Coffee Crack!

Okay… I have a problem. I am addicted to coffee. Ever since I had chocolate withdrawals (aka caffeine  having coffee that one time. Kinda reminds me of Amanda from Running With Spoons. I don’t know what it is, but it’s delicious! I tried two different coffee’s this week.

First up is Starbucks Vanilla Blonde Roast. Oh my, since they use a vanilla syrup, it’s so sweet that you don’t need to add sugar. Really good coffee, I must say.IMG_20130128_153316The second is the Vanilla Spice Latte. I love me a good latte and add spices too? It’s like the perfect winter coffee. I think this is going to be my new favorite. I’ll only get it as a treat though. It’s too pricey.IMG_20130131_134242That’s all I have for you for fun finds. I haven’t bought any new foods to try. I’ve been lazy and boring, sorry! But I’ve been not so boring with me-self. Check out my bangs!IMG_20130130_122426-1I’ve also been changing up my routine at the gym to include more weights. Why?IMG_20130130_145919Because look what came it the mail! Oh my gawsh! It’s time to get studying. AAA/ISMA Personal Training Certification here I come. Have a good weekend all!IMG_20130201_102547Question: How’s your Friday going, any plans? Anyone have any type of certifications?!


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