Why Yes, I Am Planning!

Happy Monday my friends! This week is going to be a crazy one. When do I not say that? I guess that’s just a typical day in the world of Sabrina.

As the title says, I am planning for the week ahead! It terms of eats, it starts from yesterday and will end for Wednesday. Four days of the same eats isn’t bad at all.

Since I am going to NY for my dad’s birthday mid week and I don’t want to buy anything that will go bad. I probably won’t use it until Sunday. Here are the eats and please excuse the recycled pictures:

What’s on the menu?IMG_20130124_212059Breakfast: Cinnamon-Raisin Breakfast Cake
IMG_20130112_181025Snack: Light String Cheese w/ Raw Almonds & PearwrapLunch: Brown Rice Wrap w/ Spinach & Cheesy Egg CakeIMG_20130103_183130Snack: Stonyfield Blends (Low-Fat Vanilla)IMG_20130110_145611Dinner: Spinach Salad w/ Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds, Almonds, Cheddar & Black Beans (use your imagination and remove the raisins and swap the eggs for black beans)cakeSnack: Protein Cake or Yogurt (or a bit of both, hehe)

Now what about workouts?

  • Sunday: Shoulders + Elliptical (20 minutes)
  • Monday: Total Body #2 + Jog (20 minutes)
  • Tuesday: Yoga [+ Cardio]
  • Wednesday: Lower Body + Arc (20 minutes)
  • Thursday: Rest Day
  • Friday: Yoga [+ Optional Cardio] or Total Body #1 + Jog (20 minutes)
  • Saturday: Active Rest Day

Question: What does this week look like for you? I hope y’all have a good week and stay tuned for a delicious cake recipe from yours truly this week!


7 thoughts on “Why Yes, I Am Planning!

  1. Have the most wonderful week & time w/ your dad over his birthday! Our week is looking about the same, however Joshua will not have Sunday off and won’t have another day off until next Friday which kind of sucks.

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