Getting My Protein On

Happy Birthday to the most awesome dad ever. Yes, we mostly at times clash. But no matter what happens between us, I will always love you. Forever and ever.99_515080502450_2954_nI arrived yesterday to New York safe and sound. It was a pretty quick drive. Blasting techno always helps. I wanted to have some food to make breakfast tomorrow, so my brother took me to Fairway to grab a few things (review coming soon).IMG_20130206_204420I ended up making a little parfait for this morning using the Chobani honey bee-nana, almond butter, maple drizzle, cinnamon and almonds.IMG_20130207_080059 It was super delicious and now one of my new Chobani favs!IMG_20130207_080558I also got to making some protein cakes using the Vega vanilla almond smoothie. I added it to my breakfast cake recipe plus adding a tsp of almond butter.IMG_20130207_112323I sampled a mini one and it was really good. I love that this powder has omega 3’s and two servings of veggies. I’m not the type to drink something, which is why I add it to recipes.IMG_20130206_201632I even added some to my coffee. It didn’t blend too well, but perhaps in an iced coffee it would.IMG_20130207_111931
This morning, before the doctor’s, I went for a jog in Orchard Beach. It was freakin’ cold, but I enjoyed every moment. It’s just calming and relaxing.IMG_20130207_083414I also went to the gym to get my Arc machine and lower body weight training on. My legs are sore but hey, look what I did! I’m at 130 lbs on the adductor. I remember a few months ago I started at 80lbs. Yay for strength! IMG_20130207_093051Question: Any accomplishments for you this week or this month? I am off to dinner soon, mmmm can’t wait!


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