It’s The Little Things…

I am stuck in New York for another day. I’m not complaining but it is annoying when people don’t know how to drive in snow or bad weather. It’s not like it hasn’t happened before ya know? MjAxMy0yZGNkMDA1ZDJmNTYyMWZmAnyways, this post is all about the little things in life. Little things like my annoying cat, Mr. Hercules, that makes me happy.IMG_20130206_223503He is such a brat, but then he sleeps all cute and it makes me melt.IMG_20130207_140137Or something like coffee and a breakfast “protein” cake for a snack. Yum.IMG_20130207_151811Or making cupcakes for those that love you so.IMG_20130207_140900Or having a “coffee-gasm” when you see this at the supermarket.IMG_20130206_195857Or dressing up for you dad’s birthday dinner and feeling like a million bucks.IMG_20130207_132700Question: Oh and by the way, this is the “crazy thing” I did. I extended my dragon tattoo and I love, love love it! What do you think? And what are some “little things” that make you smile?


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