WIAW #39: My Dad’s Big 5-0

It was my dads 50th birthday last week. He sure doesn’t look it but like he always says “trust me, I feel it.” For this WIAW, I bring to you the eats I had on his birthday.IMG_20130207_194055Oh, and If you don’t know what WIAW is, check it out over at Peas and Crayons! feb wiawBreakfast was this mix of Chobani honey bee-nana, almond butter, maple drizzle and almonds. I could actually eat this all day…IMG_20130207_080558Snack? well I don’t know if coffee counts as a snack, but I added some Vega protein smoothie powder to it. I guess that makes it somewhat of a snack, hehe.IMG_20130207_111931Lunch was just an egg white omelette with spinach, I tried to keep it light. I then had another cup of coffee and protein cake. I was trying to keep it pretty light so I could stuff my face at dinner.IMG_20130207_151811We went to Texas De Brazil for my dad’s birthday. All you can eat Brazilian food.IMG_20130207_180709I ate this plate times three!  I had rice, black beans, cheese, mashed potatoes, cheese balls, the lot. IMG_20130207_181211They also had these fried bananas with cinnamon sugar. Oh my gosh!IMG_20130207_183247Dessert? Since I can’t have the cake (or the frosting really), I had the some frosting with vanilla ice cream. So yummy.IMG_20130207_151336Question: Have you ever been to Texas De Brazil? Or any Brazilian restaurant  I love Brazilian food, it’s seriously the best food I have ever had!


4 thoughts on “WIAW #39: My Dad’s Big 5-0

  1. OMG, I LOVE Texas de Brazil!!! We used to go there when we lived in FL (Orlando one) for our birthdays & anniversary. I miss it, so much delicious food. They have the best carrot cake ever!! 😉

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