Why I Truly Decided to Gain Weight

Okay, this may be a weird post, but oh well. I wanted to really talk to you about my weight gaining. I don’t know if anyone can tell but most people tell me I am skinnier. Go figure. I decided to really gain weight, when I started gaining more than a few pounds on purpose. IMG_20130208_082817Let’s back track. I was gaining weight on purpose late last year. I just wanted to gain 4-5lbs to be around 144-145lbs. But then I ended up getting to 149lbs… then 153lbs. Now I am at 158lbs. Some of it may be water, some may be muscle gain. And of course, some is pure fat gain.IMG_20130209_073445But you know what? I am happy. I noticed that I was much stronger as I gained weight. My weights increased by 10-15lbs on the machines in the gym and I love the feeling of being strong and lean. IMG_20130208_092724Plus, not to mention my boobs (yes, I said boobs!) are getting back to a C cup again. I just want to be a C cup; not a full C, just C. When will I stop gaining weight? I am not trying to anymore, but with the way my hunger levels are, I am eating more due to my increased activity level. For example, I’ve been needed (and craving) more protein. I am going to be using more of the Vega products to get more protein in.IMG_20130208_144614I think they are awesome and I love that it’s all natural. Above is the non-vegan protein pancake plus a scoop of protein powder and minus the rice flour. I need to fuel my body right and I am just going to listen to my body and give it what it wants. Not all the time, but mostlyIMG_20130208_141914Question: How do you feel about how you analyze your health?

Do you focus on a number on the scale or how you feel? Do you listen to your body (food wise) or do you eat on a schedule? Or do you do a little bit of everything?


10 thoughts on “Why I Truly Decided to Gain Weight

  1. It makes me happy to hear you talking so positively about weight gain! Weight gain can be a GOOD thing. I know for a fact that when I put on some weight, I felt much better. I get sick less often and I can take on more running miles without feeling so lethargic like I did before. And clothes tend to look better too. 😉 Keep up the great work, you look fantastic! 😀

  2. I’m 5’3 120-122 I feel great as long as I tone it up and we always aren’t presentation ready so to speak. I feel if I get smaller I’ll look yucky and older strangely. More often than not I am comfortable, I eat when I’m hungry and don’t follow a schedule. I don’t listen to my “body” it’s usually my mind going crazy lol.

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