Things That Make Me Better

This cat… I don’t know. Some days I hate him, others I just want to kick his tiny butt. IMG_20130208_224143The most precious thing happened the other night. I had my hand out because I was half asleep and Mr. Hercules put his paw into my hand. I nearly melted at how cute he is. IMG_20130208_225335I love him so… IMG_20130209_094830-1This weekend I went and got my gym on. It felt so good to feel strong and amazing. I’m not even embarrassed anymore to do regular weights in front of people. Why should I be? IMG_20130209_145515I also went to pick up the Vega smoothie powder. I decided to get the natural flavor and just add vanilla or maple extract. It was on sale for $14.99 from $16.99. Each serving is only $1.25. Not too bad.IMG_20130209_154927Why didn’t I think of adding some to my daily coffee? I usually drink two cups, so I will add half a scoop to each one. I know, looks weird but whatevs, taste delicious!IMG_20130209_152708Lastly, my mom gave me these samples of Burt’s Bees lotions for day and night. So far I love how they brighten my face. I may have to go out and buy me the big bottles because my skin feels amazing in just two day. Why yes, some will be given away soon for sure!IMG_20130209_105918Question: Have you ever tried any Burts Bee’s products? If you’re a coffee drinker, have you ever added protein powder to your coffee? I find some dissolve better then others, how about you?


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