All You Need Is Love [& Dessert]

Happy Valentine’s Day to the BEST readers ever ❤happy-valentinesI hope you enjoy the day with your loved ones; whether it’s your family or significant other. Here are some of my favorite desserts; pretty easy and oh so delicious! 

IMG_20130202_133054Vanilla & Caramel “Buttercream” CakeIMG_20130212_172532Amaretto Fudge “Truffles”20120729_152448Cashew Coconut Crème*IMG_20130105_204700Chocolate Protein Minty “Dessert Cake”*IMG_20120119_164333Belgium Dark Chocolate Mousse

Question: Any plans for you on this lovely day? Well, it’s a work day for me, but I think I shall be eating a lot of chocolate mousse tonight. Ya’ll know that’s my favorite!


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