I’ve been splurging.

Food, things, etc. That’s where I’ve been if you are wondering. I normally blog daily, but it’s been a few days. So what have I been splurging on? Chocolate. Like from Godiva.IMG_20130215_123955Or from this little box my co-worker gave me on Valentine’s Day.IMG_20130214_144501Or maybe eating half of this Dark Chocolate Tobelerone bar. W-o-W.IMG_20130213_210817Or maybe even this whole bar of pure milk chocolate? Bliss!IMG_20130216_194030I also got some non-chocolate things like this shirt.IMG_20130215_122138Or this cute bag! Gah, I’m a sucker for mini things.IMG_20130215_132059A little froyo (and chocolate covered strawberry) made its way into my body. Coffee froyo? Yes please!IMG_20130214_212333What about chocolate mousse to end the night? I think so…IMG_20130213_215118Question: How was your Valentine’s Day? I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have a fitness related post for you tomorrow, so stay tuned!


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