25 Before 25 Change: A Paleo Week?

Instead of doing a week vegan, I am deciding to do a week Paleo.

Why? Well I have been doing a ton of research the past few days on soy and the Paleo Diet after watching the movie “In Search of The Perfect Human Diet.” It goes into great detail about food during the time of our ancestors and how they didn’t suffer with any food related problems until the introduction of grains, soy, dairy and, of course, processed foods.

Soy Products

 If you haven’t seen it, I definitely recommend you check it out. I know for my New Year’s Resolution I opted not to eat meat and do Vegetarian. But like the weather in Massachusetts, I always change my mind. Now, doesn’t mean I am going to grab any piece of meat I find. I still stick to the “buy organic, humanly raise, grass-fed antibiotic and hormone freemantra I declared last year. Easier said than done, I know.

Local, Grass-Fed Beef? Yes, Please!

Through all my research, the best article I found related to all this was this one from Cave Girl Eats. It summed up information on soy and grains (and their “anti-nutrient” properties) as well as the health benefits from eating a Paleo Diet. How do I feel about Vegetarian diets? Honestly, I still feel like eating Veg gives me the most energy and feels best for my *ehem* bowel movements.

Vegetarian Food Pyramid

When will this occur? Well I do have to finish up my groceries and not having a million dates with people before I leave. To be honest I am tired of labels. I try to stick to what my body enjoys which is mostly vegetarian, eliminating oats and brown rice, and eating dairy products. I also got rid of the scale and calorie counting. Honestly some days I eat 2,600 calories and others 1,600.

Ditch the Scale!

Granted I know more about nutrition then the average American, but I know what works for me. And how I am now seems to work but now I want to try out this challenge of eating a week Paleo. My bile reflux is under control and I am not as gasy anymore with my current diet.

Paleo Food Pyramid

However, I still am a tad bloated so I want to see what this diet will do for me. Maybe it will do wonders. Maybe it will do nothing at all. But I am going to give a go. Oh and check out my meal planning for this week. Yes, I’ve been good. Just click the image to enlarge, will ya?

Looks Like Paleo Week Starts This Sunday!

Looks Like Paleo Week Starts This Sunday!

Question: Have you heard of the Paleo Diet? What’s your take on it? And have you heard any crazy information on soy and it’s “anti-nutrient” properties. Gee nutrition information seems endless.

I’ll just stick to what works and call it a day. (Note: Click images for their original source!)


7 thoughts on “25 Before 25 Change: A Paleo Week?

    • I know! I still think eating a more plant based diet is better, but Paleo really focuses on grass-fed animals which is a good thing. I still have this bloating issue (and then the anemia too) so who knows! I’m already in the process of the groceries and such 🙂

  1. I really like the concept of paleo- eating like our ancestors- but I don’t think I could rely on meat that much. Also I’d totally fail at giving up dairy. I think it’s an awesome challenge though- definitely report back on how it makes you feel and your thoughts!

  2. How did you feel after going vegetarian for a month?! I’m in the process of going vegetarian myself and I am slowly transitioning more for personal reasons. I just moved to Mass!

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