TGIF[un Finds Friday]

I know.. the title. But since I am weird, it’s perfectly okay to use.

Today my brother is coming to visit from upstate New York. He hasn’t been to Massachusetts so I am excited to show him around this good ole state. Let’s check out some things from this week, shall we? It was my last week at work and of course, I was sick.IMG_20130219_105400-1Look how pale I look! At least I had coffee to keep me up, but once it was finished, it was back to feeling crumby. Blah >.< IMG_20130219_083340Oh, wait it’s not coffee and of course has no coffee. Then what is it? I so happen to find “coffee-free-coffee.” I didn’t realized it had barley in it (which is okay for me, just not very paleo). Doesn’t really taste like coffee but it has coffee essence and taste/ smells really yummy. IMG_20130218_111526Oh along with Burts Bee’s samples, you know I will give some of these out. Stay tuned for a soon-to-be giveaway. Let’s see I also tried me a Quest bar. The verdict? This flavor did nothing or maybe even the bar? I was super full because it has 17g of fiber but I wasn’t satisfied what so ever.IMG_20130219_124807But something that did have a lot of fiber and kept me satisfied were these lentil burgers that I made. I altered the recipe a lot and I I didn’t use too much oil, but it tasted really good. I did use oregano (my favorite for burgers). The have a ton more lentil recipes on the side, so definitely check them out.IMG_20130218_153701Did you try my truffles out yet? Seriously they are balls of yum. Go make them now!IMG_20130218_190920Question: Any finds this week for you? If you tried Quest Bars, which flavor do you think is the best?

I’ll be willing to try it one more time… I think.


12 thoughts on “TGIF[un Finds Friday]

  1. I have actually tried that ‘coffee-free-coffee’ before and really liked it. It’s definitely not coffee but it does have that similar flavor. I would suggest it to pregnant women needing their coffe fix 😉

  2. I totally need a recipe of those pancakes I saw you post today!!! Looked deelish! And did I see Burts Bee’s ?!?!?? Ahh! I’m totally obsessed with all their stuff! I’m addicted to their chapstick and their nighttime cream. Love it!

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