WIAW #41: Paleo Style

Happy, Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

For this week I show you an example of a couple of my days of eats doing to Paleo diet. So far I am loving it and I didn’t think I would. Thanks Jen for the lovely food party every Wednesday. Enjoy!feb wiawBreakfast: Pretty much this for the past week. I’ve been needing my eggies, spinach and sausage on this Paleo diet. It just fills me up!img_20130220_095530Snack? Oh you know one of these loaves are in order. With a pear or sometimes with a banana.IMG_20130220_104644Lunch has been either a rosemary porkchop (recipe soon!) with sauteed spinach orIMG_20130221_143105A beef/ turkey burger with roasted veggies. See, I can eat other things other then spinach.
IMG_20130222_143342 Dinner, well this particular one wasn’t 100% Paleo but I had an Angus beef burger, almonds, Babybel cheese (last one left), spinach (a big duh) and red grapes. Yum, yum!IMG_20130224_221450Dessert? Oh you know I had some of the dark chocolate coconut “gelato.” Perfect way to end a delicious and yummy day of eats.IMG_20130225_182907Question: Ever get in a veggie rut? I must confess, I just love spinach but I know I need to throw in other kinds of veggies in there. I shall try… promise!


12 thoughts on “WIAW #41: Paleo Style

  1. oh man I totally get in veggie ruts alllll the time! It’s so hard haha. Actually I just get in food ruts all the time. Especiallllly with breakfast. When I find something I like I just eat it for daysss. And by days I mean months… ooops….

  2. Hi there! Love your foods! And I’m myself on the same veggie rut, however I’m in love with cauliflower and carrots – so that’s what I’m strongly suggest you to try too 😉

  3. I don’t get in “ruts” persay, I just eat the same vegetable (winter squash) for basically ever meal of the day. Haha.

    Love rosemary as a seasoning. My favorite way is on top of just some chicken. So good!

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