Hi [Paleo]Ho!

It’s Friday!

And that means in a few days I will be going to Puerto Rico! Oh my, did I forget to mention that? Yes I am going to visit my grandma and also my cousin is getting married! It should be a good time. Let’s just hope there is no crazy family drama. *Crosses Fingers*

I have a few random things for you. I did a mini Paleo grocery shopping the other day and here are a few of the goods. I know not all of it is 100% Paleo, but hey, I do what I can.IMG_20130226_124025You can see some almond butter hiding in the corner and I also got raw cheddar cheese. Oh and not to mention a pint of this. It may or may not have been gone in the very same day.IMG_20130226_124101Not only does the above Ritter Sport chocolate not have any soy, but neither does this delicious milk chocolate bar I found. It was kind of pricey for the size, but you know me and I need a treat.IMG_20130226_125013Moving on… I went to yoga one day this week. It was really nice but honestly, I like my weight lifting.
Look at how strong I am getting. 150lbs? Say what! I’m just a gym rat, what can I say?IMG_20130221_132455Oh and look at this little guy… I don’t know why but this picture makes me DIE laughing. He looks part fish, don’t you think? Or am I just crazy?IMG_20130228_112103Oh and to show you that I can eat other veggies, here is some broccoli. But I am sorry, spinach was on this same plate the very next day, ha!IMG_20130228_084126Question: Anything random in your week? Are you a gym rat? Like yoga? Hate it?

Happy Friday!


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