Kicks & Giggles

I just have to start out with this ridiculous picture. Remember the purse that I bought with the monkey? Well I put the monkey in my car and I just realized it had a thumb and hole in mouth. My silly butt, decides to be a clown. I nearly died laughing.IMG_20130302_121018Oh and when I went into some public bathroom that was ready for an Alien invasion of toilet paper. Highly unlikely, but at least they are ready!IMG_20130301_095007This cat. Does he really think he fits in my suitcase?IMG_20130301_223037This thing is deadly. I ate the whole bar in one day. I must try to recreate this into a mousse or truffle. Totally delicious and very addicting.IMG_20130302_161501On a healthier note, I tried this bar and I must say, it was so decadent, it kind of tasted more like a candy bar with some “extra” benefits. I will definitely get it again. This was my emergency snack, by the way.IMG_20130301_232940 And even healthier? I had this as a post snack (raw cheddar cheese, grapes and mixed nuts) from doing Yoga. This time it was more intense, plus I was going to do a jog and ab workout. I needed some yumminess.IMG_20130302_112641Question: How was your weekend? Any silly things you’ve done? Any yummy things that stood out this week that ya ate? Tell me, tell me!


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