The Day Before…

It’s the day before I head to Puerto Rico…

I have to say, I am a bit nervous because I haven’t been on a plane since my 22nd birthday. Uh I am am turning 25 this year so it’s been a while. I think I’ll be okay? Some snackies will be sure to curb the jitters.IMG_20130303_231506Today is also the day I go to the doctor’s, as usual. They are going to check on something and I will for sure let you know how it goes. I am not suppose to eat for eight hours before. Meaning I won’t eat til like 3:00pm. When I get out, this is going straight in my tummy!IMG_20130303_230906Since I know there probably won’t be a WIAW, this was my favorite breakfast this week. I know what you are thinking… “Sabrina, you OVER roasted the broccoli.” I know guys, but it tastes way better.
IMG_20130303_094845I also made some more truffles but this time I added 1 tsp of freshly grinded coffee and sprinkled some almonds on top. They were so good and I definitely be making that combo again.IMG_20130303_150105Okay, I am off to the doctor’s… Wish me luck!

Question: Sometimes burnt is better right? I like to have burnt pizza, burnt burgers. Or am I the only weirdo?


16 thoughts on “The Day Before…

  1. Dont stress about the flight:) You’ll be fine xo. I use to be literally terrified of flying and the more you fly the more you calm down about it. I’ve now flown by myself to Cuba and Australia (I’m Canadian) so it was a verrry long flight! Your snacks look so yummy.. what brands are they? Also try using Rescue Remedy it really helps me calm down when I’m stressed about flying. I mentioned it in my stress blog post you can check it out here: hope that helps 🙂

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