The Puerto Rico Beginnings

I was all ready to go at 3:00am! Not a fun time time wake up considering I only slept two hours. No bueno.
imageMy dad so kindly bought me coffee while I waited on the long line to check in.
imageI went to find some breakfast and they had this awesome buffet. Yay for still being able to have my favorite breakfast!
The fight was not bad. It was 3 hours total and I slept for one of those then watched “Playing for Keeps.” Before I knew it, I was here!
My grandparents picked me up and took me to get some “Chinese” Icecream.
I don’t know if it is persay buy doesn’t matter. It’s delicious. I may have have also had coconut icecream. If you know me, I am a coconut freak in the summer. Not to mention it’s 80+ degrees.
Lastly we went to the supermarket and I got some food to make turkey burgers and Brussels sprouts. Oh, we spotted this guy on the way back.
Question: How is everyone? I missed the WIAW party. I know I suck but I’m going to check out yours πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “The Puerto Rico Beginnings

  1. Um yummy in my tummy that ice cream looks fabulously refreshing!
    And you look pretty dang cute and “put together” for not getting much sleep.
    Usually I look like I got run over by a truck if I get less than 5 hours…it ain’t a pretty sight lemme just tell ya

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