Enjoying Puerto Rico’s Beauty

My Puerto Rico vacation is going quite well. I’ve been a little sick, but when isn’t that my life? I actually went to the ER my second night here. I am much better thank you. DSCF1061I’ve been taking long walks in the morning with my uncle who is an army veteran. DSCF1057So you know we are out in the hot sun getting our sweat on and he even hooked me up (and my mom) with some new workout gear.IMG_20130307_212132I definitely need to be working out because there has been a ton of goodies. Like flan.IMG_20130309_202808We also went to the beach, naturally.IMG_20130310_142657The water was a bit rough. Probably from the snow storm this past week.
IMG_20130309_161202Bliss.IMG_20130309_172422Question: Exercise on vacation: Yay or nay? To be honest it depends whom I am with. No reason as to why. I’m just weird like that.


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