L’Ecole Restaurant (Review)

Another Non-WIAW, I do apologize, but you can forgive me right? I’m on vacation people and oh, I totally forgot about this awesome post, so here it is!

Ya’ll know Bobby Flay? Well he graduated from the French Culinary Institute. It is now called the International Culinary Center. And I so happened to go there to the restaurant under the school called L’Ecole or “The School” in French. I got a chance to dine here for free.IMG_20130301_121757 I actually went to visit the school just to check it out and what not. Any who, the atmosphere was very relaxing. The first bring you the menu and it changes every week. I got a chance to go by myself and then I took my mother so she could enjoy it as well.IMG_20130304_180707The “fixed price” comes with an appetizer, main course and dessert. Everything is included expect for wine, which they sell by the bottle. They then bring you a bread basket. Okay, I did try the bread and it also comes with grass-fed butter. So delicious.IMG_20130301_121947When I went with my mom, she ordered a red wine that had chocolate and vanilla notes. I honestly didn’t get that from the red wine, but it was not bad. I am more of a white wine kind of girl, but my mom is not. Hence the red wine choice.IMG_20130304_182436For the main course (I opted for no appetizer and had the same entree both times), I ordered a grilled skirt steak that came with roasted root vegetables in a red wine mustard sauce. The steak was so tender, juicy and really yummy. I didn’t want it to end.IMG_20130301_123430The first time I went my dessert was a chocolate pear cake cake (not gluten-free) with bourbon ice cream and chocolate meringue cookies. Oh my, seriously… best dessert ever!IMG_20130301_125618The second time I had a cappuccino semifreddo with a dark chocolate sauce, vanilla meringue cookies and foam. It was basically tasted like gelato, but a really darn delicious gelato.IMG_20130304_192330My mom ended up ordering a creme brulee, which she was in love with.IMG_20130304_192337 We then ordered some coffee after, which was divine and I was very impressed that they had Stevia. I know, I am such a food nerd. Overall this place was amazing and I would totally go again.IMG_20130304_192140Question: Are you a Food Network kind of person? My mom loves Food Network. Me? Sometimes it sparks my interest and sometimes I’m just like what the hell?


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