Last Days On La Isla

It’s my last day in Puerto Rico, but I still have a couple of more fun Puerto Rico posts for you coming up.

It was my cousin’s wedding on Friday. She was so gorgeous and more on that to come.DSCF1138After the wedding we headed to the casino at the Holiday Inn in Mayaguez.. IMG_20130316_233929Check out the view at night!IMG_20130315_231016The day before we went to a beach in Rincon, PR. IMG_20130314_173117Did you know there were surfers here?IMG_20130314_163009I had know idea and most of from Cali!IMG_20130314_161148Simply beauty.IMG_20130314_183325We may have seen a double rainbow on Saturday. Can you spot it?IMG_20130316_170914Today? Just another day on the beach catching some rays and reading some more.IMG_20130317_113249Question: How was your weekend? Ever seen a double rainbow? It’s my third!


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