Back To The States & Paleo Recap

Okay, I know that Puerto Rico is technically part of the U.S, but you know what I mean. Out of the Caribbean and into the… snow? Oh my gosh I was so happy when I got back to NY and it was cold. I know, go ahead and say it.

I got back at around 2:00pm and I rested for a bit, ate and went to the gym with my mom. Even though I woke up at 6:30am and had a long trip, I still was craving the gym. It had been two weeks and change! I started Phase Two of LiveFit, which of course and update on Phase One will come.

This post may be boring in terms of lacking pictures but there is a lot of things I wanted to talk about. How did my Paleo week go? Well I ended up doing almost three weeks Paleo. You can check out my Paleo WIAW, if you want a visual of what I mostly ate.

How did it go? Overall it was pretty good. I liked how I wasn’t really bloated too much and I had more strength, which I assume from the higher protein and fat intake. My carb intake also decreased about 100g, making me a little more energetic from eating less grains.

Pros? Even though my fat intake was almost doubled everyday (from 60g to about 100g), my bile reflux was under control. I even tested this and in between my Paleo test trial I had a brown rice wrap and my bile reflux came back instantly. Perhaps I was just eating too much grains?

However, I notice that when I have plain white rice, it actually is beneficial for my bile reflux. At the end of the day, you really have to listen to your body and find what works for you.

Cons? Since my grain intake was decreasing, my body didn’t have to take extra time to digest carbs and I was always hungry. When I eat a lot of carbs (like rice, oats, etc.), my body stays bloated and full for a while. I also didn’t “go” as much as I did when I had more grains in my diet.

Will I Feel The Same? Well, this is just what I personally was going through. As you know I have bile reflux, anemia and food allergies (which gave me a poor digestive system).

Other Things? Sometimes I felt “sick” from just eating so much eggs and meat. It was making me gag at some points and I just want to eat chocolate coconut “gelato” because there was too much savory.

The Verdict? I truly love the health principles of Paleo just like I like those principles of Vegetarianism. I like to call Paleo “the meat version of being vegan.” I know it makes no sense, but to me it does. I am definitively going to keep a lot of the Paelo principles. One non-paleo thing I will do is breakfast.

I need to have something other then eggs and I miss my waffles. I’ve still be continuing Paleo with the occasion white rice, ice cream and granola. I like not having to take a million pills for my bile reflux. If I can avoid taking medication, I will do it.

Question: What’s you view on Paleo? Do you have bile or acid reflux? How do you control it?


4 thoughts on “Back To The States & Paleo Recap

  1. Hi!!! I was just diagnosed with bile reflux…how do you control it?? It looks like you have. I was placed on carafate 4 times a day but iwant to try naturally. I started Paleo a few days ago but my bile reflux seems to get worse with fats like coconut milk and nuts….i noticed before if i eat white rice with meals it gets better but i know that is not paleo…im curious because you mentioned the same. I also have a very sweet tooth!! Greetings fro México

    • Thanks for.stopping by! It’s a tough balance. For me cutting out a lot of grains / starches, dairy and darkchocolate helps control my bile reflux. The fats don’t bother me too much, just too much oily stuff. White rice, pears (ever other.fruit is evil for my B.R), mashed potatoes help my bile reflux. Hope this helps 🙂

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