WIAW #42: Eats From Puerto Rico

Happy [My first in a while] WIAW! It’s good to be back. I am going to highlight some of my favorite eats from my trip to Puerto Rico. It’s my second day back from my trip. It was good but I was ready to get back. If you don’t know what WIAW is, check it out at Peas and Crayons.wiawphotobuttonBreakfast? Most of my breakfasts were non-paleo. For the most part on my trip, that’s how it was. I didn’t want eggs when it was 80 degrees in the morning. So I had Cascadian Farm’s granola with local bananas and milk.IMG_20130314_104030For a snack I had a mango that I picked from a tree. It doesn’t get any better then that.IMG_20130313_103429My lunches were pretty random, but most consisted of salad and some protein. This particular day I had salad, rice and almonds. It was random, but it worked for that day.IMG_20130318_071706Myย favoriteย treat was coconut gelato. I had it from a little shop in Anasco and from Pizzalato in Ponce.IMG_20130311_145522Okay so this wasn’t exactly dinner, it was pre-dinner but these little meat & plantain pinwheels were pretty awesome. I am going to have to make my own version someday.DSCF1083The “banana-colada” was my favorite drink post dinner. Well it was the only drink I had, but a darn good one!IMG_20130312_163153And I had a “limber de coco” about everyday. It’s the typical icee Puerto Rico and it was only $1.00. They had other flavors like cherry and cookies n’ cream but I stuck to my coconut.wpid-IMG_20130305_143831.jpgQuestion: Icee or Ice Cream? Or both? Hmm, both for me!


10 thoughts on “WIAW #42: Eats From Puerto Rico

  1. I’ve never had a fruit or veggie straight from the tree/vine. That mango looks so juicy and delicious.

    I love all of your fresh eats from the trip! And for once I would have to go with the Icee. I LOVE ice cream, but I haven’t had an Icee in forever ๐Ÿ™‚

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