A Conscious Effort

I am going to be lazy today.

I wanted to recap LiveFit Phase One in detail but, I’ll give you a quickie. It went well and it was hard not being able to do cardio. But, I did 20 minutes on the Arc sometimes, hiked or went to yoga. I noticed that I was getting stronger and a bit more toned as the weeks progressed, which made me happy. (Look at that tan!)
IMG_20130319_160011My weight didn’t go down or up, as expected with the first phase (you gain muscle weight). Now I am on to Phase Two and I am happy that cardio is back. I just love the Arch machine. My diet wasn’t really close to the plan, but I am going to try to make an effort to do so. But I ate spinach, that should count? (Look a heart!)

IMG_20130321_111539I am also making an effort to better watch my cholesterol. I noticed that I was over 400mg a day, when recommended is less than 300mg. I can report that all of my days are now under 200mg! Oats anyone?408969_10101530096780650_831074314_nI’m also trying to watch my fat intake as well. I found Stonyfield’s Honey Greek froyo on sale and bought a couple. Instead of eating a lot of milk chocolate (since darker bugs my tummy a bit), I’ll have a scoop of this and it’s so sweet and delicious, it really satisfies my sweet tooth.IMG_20130320_123122Oh, today my brother goes back to college. He was home for spring break but now it’s back to school. We went to eat at Dallas BBQ yesterday  The food was not bad, but definitely greasy. I guess sometimes you need to over indulge, I know I did! I ate half a chicken w/ fries and a side of spinach. Only me. 562215_10101531354769630_886099555_nThe other day though, I made him a healthy lunch with steak, mashed potatoes and green beans. It was super delicious and I am glad he enjoyed it. He never wants you to do anything for him, but I remembered he was craving steak n’ potatoes.408993_10101530511679190_1360289805_nQuestion: How’s everyone Sunday going? What are you making a conscious effort in doing? Exercising? Eating healthy? Studying? For me, it’s all the above!


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