Away We [Oswe]Go!

Happy Monday my friends!
483677_10101532288124180_1764896250_n I am here in Oswego and it is gorgeous.425947_10101532288174080_1159776204_nI’m about to head to the gym soon here. No excuses!IMG_20130323_110039-1Yesterday, my mom and I dropped my brother off at college.IMG_20130324_151956 Before though, we went to Ruby Tuesday’s and ate. I tried spaghetti squash for the first time and it was not to shabby. Though it needed a little flavor.IMG_20130324_161105Then we shopped around and dropped him off. Good luck Yuyu with the rest of the semester. Thank’s his nickname, by the way. Before the hotel we stopped by Fort Ontario, but it was closed.1886_10101532288243940_67195626_nWe also stopped and watched a bit of the sunset. Doesn’t get any better then this.IMG_20130324_193022Question: How was your weekend? Anyone on spring break this week?


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