WIAW #43: Northern Adventure

Happy WIAW 🙂

I’ve been in five different states in the past few days. It’s been an awesome little adventure with my mom. This WIAW, is all the random eats from my little adventure and some from home as well. Got to start somewhere right? And please check out Peas and Crayons aka the home of WIAW!WIAW GOES GREENBefore we hit the road one of the days, breakfast was these oats, but I topped it with pecans and pure maple syrup. Somewhere are the raisins. Ya just have to look very closely.IMG_20130323_105820One of my go to snacks on the road was almonds and string cheese. Quick and simple. One of the lunches I had was Ponderosa and I had chicken, mash potatoes, and salad.IMG_20130325_121749 Of course, some froyo action. A mix of coffee, chocolate, vanilla and butter pecan froyo with agave drizzle, roasted almonds and kiwi.BGUtLK1CQAAONPAMy favorite meal though was this Brazilian deliciousness; rice, beans, bean stuffing (made with tapioca flour), plantains, green beans and salad. So, so good!63058_10101533482824990_143665351_nFor dessert, I failed to take a picture of the chocolate. But it was chocolate, that’s all you need to know. A few Godiva truffles made their way into my tummy. Now.. on my way to Vermont!

Question: What’s green from your WIAW? I’m impressed that mines is green. I did good… for once!


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