Friends & Tid Bits

Happy Easter my friends. Before this post, I have to share this with you guys. My friend wrote this to me. She is amazing and beautiful, love you!

After watching the documentary Vegucated it really opened up my eyes to a whole new life. I have been really inspired by Sabrina to take on healthy life by having a healthy diet. I have learned the importance of food and your relationship to food. After this documentary it further showed me more changes that I can make. I want to live a positive lifestyle filled with love and now I want to extend that love to a cruelty free diet. I have only started this new change and so far I feel fantastic.It is simpler than you think, its all a matter of choices. As they said it the documentary once you start eating healthier you want to eat healthier. Things taste better and you enjoy it more. As the days go on this change will get easier and just become a new lifestyle.   I am going to try my best and try to be as vegan as I can, but I am not aiming for perfection, just being as healthy as I can. My goal for 2013 is to love my body, my life, friends and family, all living things, and be thankful for everything I have. Always think with a positive mind and lead with love and anything is possible…

I will be hanging out with my family and enjoying some quality time with an old friend. I never told you guys about how I took one of my friend’s grocery shopping. I was so proud of her, she really learned a lot and cleaned up her eats quite a lot. Baby steps!155062_623959810950916_1670330185_n (1)I even showed her how to make a protein pancake. She of course is doing her own variation and she loves it. Can we say healthy breakfast?485284_623959807617583_525043048_n (1)Even my dad is getting a little dose of Sabrina. He’s getting into yoga, which is quite adorable.IMG_20130210_181830Oh and I tried this natural candy called Snap. It has no junk and some good stuff in it. I tried the caramel, which was good but too chewy. Probably won’t get it again, although you should try them anyway.543161_623959800950917_869742575_n (1)Also this Rise honey almond protein bar was pretty good. A whooping 20g of it. I definitely want to try out their other flavors. Maybe the blueberry coconut?73791_623959834284247_456503512_n (1)Question: Ever tried Snap candy or Rise bars?


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