Let’s Eat!

It’s Monday! Where is my current eating at?

I’m going back to my post weight loss roots; clean eating. It’s basic, simple and pretty much what I do already. A few people “shunned” me for eating meat. Not that I was sad about it, but I knew what I was doing. I was trying out Paleo and fixing my anemia. I don’t have to explain myself, why should I? I’m just being me.553113_623478110999086_1306260376_nOkay, enough of that, let’s go into the eats. For breakfast I start with these oats or Cascadian Farm’s fruit and nut granola. I either use coconut milk or low-fat milk, depends on my budget. Always with a pear, because that fruit is the only one that feels good in my stomach.

IMG_20130330_112033Then for snack, depending on how large was breakfast I may not need one. But usually it’s another pear with almonds. Lunch? I stick to something starchy like a wrap or a bit of rice and beans. Usually a salad is involved, maybe some nuts or sunflower seeds too.Then either chicken or raw cheddar cheese as my protein.IMG_20130330_102125Second snack, is usually some more nuts or another fruit. On occasion I’ll do either a coffee, string cheese, a vanilla almond Luna bar or Greek yogurt.

483674_623955630951334_2119568452_n Then for dinner I like to always do meat. Like last night was a burger with spring mix salad and some almonds. For dessert, I’ll do a couple of chocolates or if I’m really craving dessert; a protein cake.482202_624259070920990_1255652839_nThis is pretty much what I was doing all last year except now I don’t do as much carbs at night or in general for that matter thanks to Paleo. Heartburn is still under control and my fat intake averages around 65-80g (even though I should be at 50-60g). Oh and cholesterol is good and in check too! Look, it’s kitty!

IMG_20130321_143732Question: Ever get those people that are always going to criticize you and never give you any positive feed back? Being in the social media world, I do get that especially from YouTube. But at the end of the day, if you are happy… that’s all that matters.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Eat!

    • I know! It’s hard for me bc of my health issues that kind of counter-act each other food wise. Like for example an orange with help “x” but it will make me sick because of “y.” Thank you for the support 🙂

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