Showing [DAMY] Love

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about DAMY Health, but did you know that it’s what helped me seriously begin to tone up and lose those last few pounds? I was my healthiest post Bikini Body. I’m sure you are wondering… what happened then?

I went through a lot of personal things; like everyone does at some points. I was taking medication for anxiety and I was diagnosed with depression. Not to mention my relationship was failing, school was suffering and my job was wearing me out.

It was hard to get back from that, but I managed. DAMY Health is still number one that helps to maintain my weight. Right now I am trying out LiveFit, because I love trying new things. It’s like anything; for example my favorite Greek yogurt is Chobani, but I’ll try other brands.

But I still love Chobani and it’s number one for me. At the end of the day, the healthy principles I follow are DAMY related. Amy is amazing, inspiring and if you don’t have her on Facebook, click here! Speaking of Greek yogurt, I did try a new one this past week with 22g of protein.
544372_628843093795921_1289511774_nNancy’s Greek probiotic yogurt was pretty yummy! I mixed in some maple syrup, vanilla extract, maple almond butter and pumpkin seeds into it… oh so, super delicious. I like that the container is re “close-able”  I can buy a big tub of yogurt and just use this as the container.

Talk about a one pictured post. Hey, it happens. Sometimes I’ve even had no pictures in a post. Today was about rambling. Oh but I did want to say thank you to those who commented on my “Taking a Step Back” post. It means a lot that I have many awesome supporters.

Kudos to you all 🙂


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