Focused! (Plus Coaching Information)

Helllllllllllllllllllllllllllo! 73349_10101541398526860_986293466_n (1)Perhaps, that’s a bit too much on a Monday morning? But let me tell you, I am in such a great mood. As you can see, I ordered some business cards. Finally!

lp I’m restarting my whole health and it feels good. Let me not say restarting, but rather going back to what I know works. I love trying out new workout plans, foods, diets, etc. But you know what? It’s time I stick to what works. You know what it was? It’s MY plan.

544429_629472867066277_2032241512_nI mentioned earlier that through my weight loss experience and different things that I tried, I found what worked for me and made my own plan. DAMY definitely was a huge inspiration. I also learned from the Tone It Up plan, yoga and weight training.482751_629472870399610_2031721746_n It’s getting closer to when I put the plan up, but I do have the plan through inquires only. If you are interested, please e-mail me at Right now I have several clients and they are doing great. The prices (for the moment) are from as little as $10.00 to $40.00.20899_629472873732943_1092230047_nI even do grocery trips, if you are in the New York City area. I just did a little grocery shopping, myself. I’m going to try out Green Giant’s digestive health mix with white beans, carrots and spinach. I don’t normally do fruit pops or deli meat, but sometimes I just crave it.547749_629472910399606_1885692177_nLove this DeBoles multi-grain pasta and can’t forget some dark chocolate. I also found this Ener-G bread to try. Light white rice with flax bread, which has 50 calories and 1g of both protein and fiber. It tastes HORRIBLE untoasted, but is yummy toasted. I just had to be blunt there. 544116_629484633731767_967961_nI made “open-faced” chicken and spinach sandwiches. It was so good. I would definitely get this bread again. One thing I liked that it was only $3.69. Because seriously, so many gluten-free breads are $5.00 and up and this price is more reasonable for my budget.733810_629528920394005_1900445050_nYesterday I made a little batch of these but I used chocolate protein powder and melted dark chocolate. Perfect little night time clean treat.

Question: How was everyone’s weekend? Do you like to try different foods or diet plans. Or do you mostly stick to what works?


14 thoughts on “Focused! (Plus Coaching Information)

  1. I am also reevaluating what works best for me and my health. I think I have reached too low of a right for my body and have gotten my body fat down to such a low percentage that I am worried that I won’t be able to conceive when Marty and I start trying for a family. I realized that I need to get my body healthy for my life stage (as opposed to trying to get as fit and lean as can be.) For me, it is just not realistic to maintain this lifestyle right now. 🙂

    • That’s tough. It truly is about what you feel is best. Like for myself I love being vegetarian but because of my anemia, I can’t really sustain it. It’s hard to stop doing things we onced loved and made us happy. Do what you feel is best and good luck with trying to start a family 🙂 You’re going to do great, getting baby body healthy 🙂

  2. Business cards just take everything to the next level. Now you’re a real PRO 🙂

    I like to get ideas from different meal plans, but I always stick to what I know will work best for me. Right now I’m trying to be a stickler for medical purposes, but I totally agree with you in having your own plan. Good luck with the health business!

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