WIAW #45: Back To Basics

Happy WIAW everyone! Head on over to Peas and Crayons if you are new to the party.wiawphotobutton This is my frist WIAW in a while where it’s just me back to my basic food. As it gets warmer, I do like my cereal sometimes. Organic Honey Nut O’s w/ frozen (thawed raspberries).IMG_20130409_083612Even going back to some grapes, cheese and nuts for a snack. A classic.IMG_20130408_143804I don’t know how many times I had this lunch ever since I got that bread. Sometimes I have it with the sliced turkey, other times grilled chicken.544116_629484633731767_967961_nOh and even doing more vegetarian based dishes. I do miss my beans! I at this with some white rice and broccoli. Quick, easy, and delicious!IMG_20130408_142131Another classic in my eats? Chocolate! Good ole dark chocolate versions of these. I love that they have a little bit of everything; fiber, protein and healthy fats. Not to mention, they are easy to make.733810_629528920394005_1900445050_nQuestion: What are some of your “classic eats?” I definitely do a lot of almonds and chocolate. Those are presents in some way everyday!


10 thoughts on “WIAW #45: Back To Basics

  1. I love the idea of using frozen fruit, like your raspberries. I bought a bag of frozen peaches, berries, and mangos and I keep forgetting that I have it. I have to find ways to use it more. my classic eats are lots of yogurt, carrots and peppers with hummus, and more salmon than is entirely necessary haha. Snacks I like nuts and animal crackers!

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