Sunday, Sunday…

Warning: I’m going to ramble here!

(Wait for tomorrow… there will be EXCITEMENT)

That’s what Sundays are for. This week was quite a week. Some awesome recipes and yummy foods. Like free cheese. Who doesn’t like free cheese?532239_10101544724686210_1870195383_nAnd with this yummy cheese, I decided to make an egg white scramble on some Ener-G toast with some spinach on the bottom. I like to eat “savory” breakfasts as lunch. Rarely ever as a breakfast.554061_10101544724691200_2080452202_nI don’t know why, but it’s a a quick simple post workout lunch. I had a good leg and ab session that day. I am feeling all sorts of good. A post in incomplete without a mirror shot!559944_10101544724825930_189668492_nI’ve been cleaning up my eats and it feels great. I’m limiting my dairy intake (uh because of bloating and “stuff”) but I had my last Greek yogurt one day with hemp hearts and pepitas. Love me them hemp hearts. Perfect way to get my omega-3’s ’cause fish makes me cringe. As you can see, I’m going back to my “vegetarian roots.” Like I said, just doing what works for yours truly. I made some “mac n’ cheese” with none other then spinach on the bottom. Surprise, surprise.558972_10101544724865850_984213104_nOh, I also got a couple of new goodies. I wanted a bar to stash in my bag for emergencies and I found the chocolate chip cherry torte from Larabar. I despise Larabars except for the coconut cream pie and chocolate chip cookie dough. Maybe this one won’t be so bad?525411_10101544724781020_1575227794_nAnd for when I am on the go, some organic instant oatmeal packets. You know I got maple. I’m a maple addict if you couldn’t already tell. 558873_10101544724696190_1046059398_nSpeaking of on the go (don’t ask me why I just said that) I have a little “nutty and healthy” giveaway coming for you within the next week. Just gathering the last few touches, so stay tuned.

Question: Are you a Larabar fan?

Like I said, I only like two flavors, but I barely tried many except for cashew cookie, blueberry muffin, apple pie and chocolat. Any suggestions?


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