Dreams & Protein “Ice Cream”

 I just wanted to mention about what recently happened in Boston today. My heart goes out to you. It’s such a tragedy. People are so horrible. I just can’t understand it and it pains me so.


So, yesterday it was my mother’s “birthday.” What I mean by that is, her birthday is tomorrow but she had an early celebration. I made her a delicious brunch including waffles and it was a total blast, but I don’t know why WordPress isn’t allowing me to upload the pictures.

It says they are too big, but it’s random as to which are “too big” since they are all the same size. But if you go to my Facebook page, I will post them there for you too see. I took my mom to see Jekyll & Hyde on Broadway. It was her pre-birthday gift from the children.

Guess who I got to meet?554075_10101545731822900_905675740_nUh yes! Constantine Maroulis, of course. Oh my gosh I was trying so hard not to scream, squel and sound like a complete teeny-bopper! He was my favorite American Idol and I was in love with him from day one. Dreams really do come true 🙂

We also got to see a bunch of celebrities going to see Motown including Redfoo, Sting and Bono! Again, there are a few pictures in the album and I’ll put the link to it here. Another thing I wanted to share with you was this protein “ice cream” I made. I found this recipe from The Coconut Diaries. I just made a few modifications and added half a scoop of protein powder to the bag and instead of shaking it for 5 minutes, I left it in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then I shook it for 5 minutes. It came out awesome and will definitely make this again.

All that amount of ice cream and less then 100 calories. Oh yes! You know there is a drizzle of maple. That has Sabrina written all over it! But, I do seriously wish I could have uploaded more of the pictures, but for now go click the link! Tomorrow is her real birthday, so WIAW will revolve around that for sure. Til then, enjoy your evening!

Question: Ever been to a Broadway play?

My favorite all time is Phantom of the Opera. It was beautiful!


8 thoughts on “Dreams & Protein “Ice Cream”

  1. What a thoughtful gift you gave your mom! I love seeing broadway shows, I wanted to be a singer as a kid 🙂 And I love the idea of putting protein in ice cream…definitely makes it healthy 😉

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