WIAW #47: Grocery Edition

It’s that time again.

What I Ate Wednesday is here! Head on over to Peas and Crayons to join this crazy awesome food party. For this edition of WIAW, we are going to go a bit into some groceries I bought this week.wiawphotobutton My breakfasts now have consisted of the non-chocolate version of this recipe with a drizzle of maple and sprinkle of trail mix. Oh my heaven!48069_10101552179406890_150544226_nOn to some groceries. Now of course, I do have things already in my pantry/fridge like black beans, organic burgers, flours, etc. I went and grabbed organic soy milk, coffee, pears, nuts/ seeds, organic oats, a Luna bar and chocolate. Can’t forget the chocolate!417787_10101552179352000_1612962632_nOh and this loaf by Ener-G actually tastes good untoasted. Not like that other one. Just ew.IMG_20130415_134605Okay… can you see what I am seeing? Quinoa burgers that are corn and gluten-free! I hope these are good. The other brand I tried was good, but needed to be cooked on the pan. These say I can put them in the toaster. Much easier option.537863_10101552179356990_546462330_nAlong with the burgers, I got some potatoes, string cheese (hormone free!), spinach, eggs, kiwi and ice cream. By the way I found the ice cream in Dollar Tree for… yep. $1.00! I would have bought the five that remained, but I restrained myself. Trust me, was very hard.48038_10101552179347010_1181992886_nMost of my dinners have consisted of black beans, some veggie, potatoes and a protein which usually is an organic turkey or beef burger. I’m back into my black beans and potato phase. Yum, yum!

Question: Any repeats on your menu lately? What are some staples you typically always tend to get everytime you go grocery shopping?

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13 thoughts on “WIAW #47: Grocery Edition

  1. I have a hard time not buying the whole shelf when I see something awesome at the dollar store too. I think when you go back and they still have some it’s a sign that you’re meant to buy more 😀 Haha. Just kidding.

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