Health & Weight Update

Happy Friday my friends!

Today we will be talking about my health while showing you a few beautiful pictures from my walk with a good friend of mine yesterday in Fort Tryon Park. Now as you know between my food allergies, anemia, bile reflux and hiatal hernia, things haven’t always been good for me in terms of my health. But then as you know, I decided to gain weight. I’ll recap that in case your are new. My lowest weight was 138lbs, but I wasn’t healthy at all.

Sure I was skinny and got to my overall weight goal, but what happened? I was sick, sluggish and ever part of my body was fragile. At that time, my anemia was getting worse. When I worked out too hard, it would affect my body a lot. I simply had no energy what so ever. It took some time to decide, but I decided I wanted to gain and go to 155lbs maximum. I did just that, but then I got into a little depression in February. I was just not in the mood and most of the time I at ice cream for dinner. It was not a good point in my life and then my weight went up to 164lbs. Almost 10lbs more then what I originally wanted.

Where is my weight at now? I fluxuiate between 159-162lbs. At first it was annoying and I wanted to get back to the 155lbs, primarily because that’s the highest I could get without starting to need new clothes. Most of my clothes still fit now and in some I actually look better; more curves.   It was hard to deal with this new bigger, yet stronger and healthier body. It feels much better then striving to feel happy just to fit into a size 4 pair of jeans. I went to the doctor’s and they said nothing was wrong. I am perfectly healthy.

It amazing how food can cause sicknesses like in the case with my food allergies. But I never thought losing weight would make me sick too. I should have known, I mean… being 240lbs was not healthy for me at all. Literally everything is about balance; whether it’s eating of your weight.I’m am writing this for you now because it took me almost two months to accept this new body I am in. But honestly, I have never felt healthier, stronger and even sexier. At the end of the day, you have to do what you feel is right. I am happy that at one point in my life I could say I lost 100lbs, but now I am content knowing that my weight loss/ maintain/ weight gain journey has created a much healthier me.

I hope everyone is well and has a happy weekend. And tomorrow I will be announcing the winner of the giveaway and let you know the extras I added to it.

Question: How do you maintain a healthy balance; whether it’s food, weight or life realted?


4 thoughts on “Health & Weight Update

  1. It’s really tough to keep yourself in a healthy balance – mentally, emotionally, physically, etc. I think it’s important to try and not idolize others and what they’re doing for their bodies because everyone’s is different. I try to exercise my body, eat write the majority of the time (definitely not all though – I love nachos!) and give yourself me time to unwind and relax and recenter yourself. Thanks for sharing this post, it takes a lot of courage to be so open.

  2. Sabrina, I am so proud of you for achieving your weight GAIN challenge, and just finding peace within yourself both mentally and physically. I know how hard it can be at times, but you did it and you should be happy with yourself. No matter your weight, you are still beautiful!

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