“Health-Nut” Giveaway Winner!

I think that’s a mighty clever title for the giveaway? Too bad I didn’t think of it before. Anywho the winner of the giveaway is… Alex! I used Random.Org as I always do and entered the names of those who entered and created a random list.WinnerPlease email me with your address at NutritiouslySweet@gmail.com so I can send it out next week! I did add another bar, the Odwalla protein superfood bar and a couple of coupons as well for a couple things in the box. I’m feeling like I want to put something else too, just haven’t decided what.

Today I am hanging out with one of my close friends and then possibly going on a date. Oh my gosh, you heard that right… a date. Don’t ask me how long its been. It would be like asking me how long it’s been since I had soda. Yeah… we won’t go there.

Happy Saturday 🙂

Question: Any fun weekend plans?


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