Grocery Haul Monday

Normally, when I was a good little blogger, I was doing meal planning Monday. Well I sort of have that for you today, but more in a grocery haul style.

Yesterday I had a fun day with my mom. Yes, we have fun going grocery shopping. Too much I think. We first went to have lunch at the Burger Joint in Cross County Mall in Yonkers. The burger is so yummy and I love that they use hormone-free cows!943774_643506328996264_220329088_nWe walked around the mall and got some fun goodies. Of course, we had to stop in to get some froyo from Cups. I got a mix of vanilla, original, cheesecake and white chocolate macadamia. I topped it with honey, strawberries and pumpkins seeds.IMAG1172On to the groceries! Now as usual I have some eggs, rice, protein powder and organic cheese at home. I needed some more beans, milk, spinach and fruit. 941090_643675198979377_1316549275_n (1)And I found this awesome honey almond gluten-free find from Nature’s Path. It’s really good and tastes just like their regular granolas. I’m happy they did this; go Nature’s Path!943580_643675212312709_291758444_nAlso got some oats and nuts…578857_643675208979376_959531861_nOh and some delicious plain 2% Chobani. I am trying to cut down my sugars and going from 22g (most  flavored ones) to 7g (the plain ones) is a huge difference.577502_643675232312707_942040734_nI just added two tsps of agave to the Greek yogurt and added a little granola and pumpkin seeds and it was delicious. Plus a side of grapes for some extra sweetness.575438_10101555469653210_699461404_nMeal wise; I will be doing eggs, beans, rice and salads. Some chicken or beef here and their. Snacks is usually nuts, cheese and/ or fruit. Breakfast is some form of oats. That’s just how I roll. To conclude this food filled post, I hope everyone has an awesome Monday and rest of the week!

Question: How does this week look for you? Normal, stressful, extra busy or all the above? This week is busy for me. I start work this Wednesday and another new client on Friday. Woot!


16 thoughts on “Grocery Haul Monday

  1. Your fro-yo toppings are so healthy! I am impressed! Whenever I go, I load up on gummi bears and cake bites. As for the week…not sure yet what it will bring. Hopefully not too busy. I’m excited that it will officially be May soon 🙂

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