Nuts & Things

Hope ya’ll are having a fabulous Saturday.

I have been busy like I said; just too much going on. Never fear, I’m always near. Luckily a little bit of this every night helps my sanity. This stuff is too addicting. I will never buy it again, ever.20130510_003036Oh and more coconut breakfast cakes for breakfast? Yes please, but give me some cranberries, flax & sunflower seeds with a smidge of milk will ya?20130509_084437What about lunch? I think you are going to get a hoot out of this. How about some nuts, fruit and cheese?20130509_120425Or maybe throw in an egg?20130509_215527Or maybe no egg or cheese and use non-dairy cheese like Daiya?20130508_101050I guess you can say I’ve been lazy in that department, but I am too busy studying for this exam. I can’t beleive June 2nd is practically right around the corner.20130509_132652Okay, so I lied. The bathroom is actually right around the corner [*facepalm*], but you catch my drift. Have a great weekend everyone and I will soon be sharing some of the fun stuff I’ve been learning.

Question: What do you usually eat for lunch when you are too lazy to cook or put any thought into your meal? Fruit, cheese and nut plates are my number one for sure.


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