A Bit Of Yesterday; A Smidge of Today

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers out there. On Sunday I had to go to work, but I woke up early and made my mom this coconut bake with the paleo option.249056_10101564275386450_1671278005_nShe loved it and like I always say, she is a picky eater. I also had her little gifts and a vanilla version of this cupcake. Who doesn’t love a cupcake?20130512_092911My friend/ co-worker asked me to make a sugar-free cake for her family. Isn’t it cute?akeAt work (I work in an Italian specialty market, by the way), they made Italian chocolate covered strawberries. Oh my gawsh, they were delicious. My boss gave me three and I resisted and manged to only eat one and saved the rest for my parents. 20130512_154007I was also made a sandwich; it’s this multi-grain bread they have with maple turkey, romaine, swiss cheese and olive oil. Yes it was wheat, yes I was sluggish. Was it delicious? Oh yeah.20130511_112716Today I actually went to buy a couple of outfits; one for my birthday and one for a concert I am going to on Saturday. It’s a dress of course, but hey, that’s me and my dress addiction. I also got a new workout top. I love that it’s air-y and looks pretty darn good. It was only $10.00 at JC Penny.20130513_182034I haven’t been feeling to great and my body is over-trained. I’ve been cuddling a lot with this guy and I’ve been taking active rest days. I definitely feel better and know tomorrow, I can go hard in my workout.20130512_213612Today I also kind of fasted, in the sense that I didn’t eat much (sorry for the blur!). All I had was fresh fruit, nuts/seeds and oats twice made with flaxmilk and honey. I felt like my body needed to just take a digestive break and I feel better, stomach wise. I don’t like to be below calories so between now and I bed time, I’ll probably munch on more fruit and nuts. Something like that…20130513_194756Question: How was your Mother’s Day weekend? Ever done a fast or detox? If so, which one, how long and how did you feel?


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