WIAW #50: Feeling “Berry” Acidic

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

What does this title mean? Well I am going to show you some of my delicious eats filled with all sorts of berries while talking to you about my acid and bile reflux. Head on over to Peas and Crayons if you are new to this awesome food party.wiawphotobuttonYou don’t know; ever since I started getting hyped up on coffee and had free coffee at my job, my body just went into acid overload. Not to mention I was eating TONS of chocolate and almonds. You see I get fed at my job, so I take advantage of chocolate and nuts since those are the “pricey” things I usually buy.

Breakfast: Oats w/ almond milk, flax/ sunflower seeds, cashews & blackberries

Breakfast: Oats with almond milk, flax/ sunflower seeds, raw cashews & blackberries.

Acid from coffee and acid + fat from chocolate and nuts equals a disgustingly acidic environment. I decided to tone down the coffee. I was tired of the acid/ bile build up. I have been coffee free for four days. Symptoms? I’ve had terrible migraines and caffeine withdrawal symptoms that make me sub the coffee with chocolate for the caffeine dosage, but it obviously makes things just as bad.

Snack: Blackberries w/ dried cranberries/ blueberries and cashew pieces.

Snack: Blackberries w/ dried cranberries/ blueberries and raw cashew pieces.

The withdrawal symptoms are getting better. Last week I said I was going to do a vegan week. I did most days meat and dairy free except when I had milk chocolate, some eggs and a little chicken. I did notice that I wasn’t as bloated as the week before but I was still uncomfortable. This week I wanted to get more strict.

Lunch/ Dinners: Veggie or Black Bean burger with nuts/ seeds and spinach.

Lunch/ Dinners (recycled pic!): Veggie or black bean burger with nuts/ seeds and spinach.

I’ve had two full vegan days and I feel pretty good, digestion wise. I’m as bloated and even people are noticing. I did find it hard to decide what to eat though.So as my loving readers, I do ask you to give me some moral support. Pretty please and crackers? Never mind the crackers…

Dessert: Dark chocolate with dried cranberries

Dessert: Dark chocolate with dried cherries

Question: What’s your favorite vegan dish? Have you every done a day or more vegan? How did you feel?


8 thoughts on “WIAW #50: Feeling “Berry” Acidic

  1. Sorry you’re not feeling well! We all have temptations around us. They have lots of chocolate at my work too as we give our clients a piece when they leave. I just don’t look at it! lol

  2. Sorry to hear that you’re having acid problems Sabrina 😦 I can totally relate. As well as to the bloating and people noticing. Just uggh… No one deserves that feeling. I’ve done some experimenting with vegan and I honestly felt kind of worse when trying it. I made sure to eat only whole foods and not processed vegan stuff, but it just didn’t help that much.

    I did find that white rice did better in my stomach than brown. Insoluble fiber foods always make my bloating worse like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, beans. Nuts, etc. would also make things worse.

    Interested to hear what works for you!

    • I didn’t think to do a post about such things! It’s true with the white rice, feels way better. Honestly when I do quinoa or brown rice products, it does make me more bloated. Same with beans and broccoli. I am experimenting and seeing what works, I will do a post on that 🙂

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