Massachusetts Day-Venture (Part One)

You know me; a spontaneous being always doing something random. Oh, hi there. Like my new dress?20130518_101745-1Well I went to Massachusetts yesterday at 6:45am.20130518_080335My friend invited me to an Alkaline Trio and Bayside concert at the House of Blues in Boston. 20130518_180603I killed two birds with one stone; went to Boston, ate, and went to a House of Blues. 20130518_180736Okay, so that’s three birds. My bad. I guess the dranks got to me.20130518_170526The first band Off With Their Heads was pretty awesome. I loved Bayside though the most.20130518_185227Alkaline Trio was the main band. They kicked some rock hard ass! Hmm, don’t think that sounds appropriate.20130518_213138I am off the work. I was up for 23 hours as I drove back at like midnight. Now I am off to work til 7:00pm. At least I get a break tomorrow, but I must study. Part two of Salem, MA tomorrow!

Question: Name something spontaneous you’ve done… and go!


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