Massachusetts Day-Venture (Part Two)

I love Salem to pieces. Many of ya’ll know that.20130518_122217I love the goodies I find. Like a cafe au lait chocolate from Maria’s Sweet Somethings.20130518_121541Or some pumpkin pie soda from Pamplemousse.20130518_122608Or grabbing some K-Cups from Wicked Cup.20130518_115924Or just some good ole New England Coffee.20130518_090714And close, by not so, in Peabody there is a Brazilian restaurant called Heaven’s Taste. I love, love, love Brazilian Food. I could live off of it. True Story.20130518_132127I have a lot of new things that are about to happen, but I can’t share them just yet.Β Let’s just say it’s going to be awesome. I off to study and I hope ya’ll have a fabulous Monday!

Question: What little goodies do you look for in your favorite or a new town? Ice cream, chocolate and post cards are always at the top of my list. Yes, post cards.Β 


10 thoughts on “Massachusetts Day-Venture (Part Two)

  1. One thing on my bucket list is to visit Salem during Halloween πŸ™‚ I am not into witchcraft (actually, it is the complete opposite from what I believe); however I would love to attend a Halloween party there! I would even be okay with a children’s party! Haha

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