WIAW# 51: Same Ole, Same Ole

Happy What I Ate Wednesday ya’ll!

Yesterday I was in Baltimore, Maryland. It was such a blast, but we’ll talk more about that tomorrow. 20130521_155810Today another Wednesday is here and it’s time to show you some eats, right? This week I am going to show you meals that have made my tummy happy; no acid/ bile build up and no pregnant look. Yes, no more of that please and if you don’t know what WIAW is, go check out Peas and Crayons.wiawphotobuttonBreakfasts have pretty much been the same, this breakfast cake with some type of nuts/ seeds or fruit on top. On of my favorite for this week? The cake with sunflower seeds, almonds, milk and fresh blueberries.20130515_092035Just like last time, my snacks have been some type of fruit and nuts. I am getting tired of pears so I’ve been doing blackberries, bananas and even peaches.20130522_081239Lunches and dinners have been the same too. Since I found what foods work for my stomach, it makes me so happy. It gets boring at times but I try and do what I can. 292015_659391720741058_1173831911_nI found this yogurt at one of the local supermarkets here in the Bronx and this was the only one that didn’t have corn starch in it. It was pretty delicious I just wish I found a vanilla flavor.20130517_212706I’ve been digging this combo of black beans on top of chicken with some greens. My, oh my.20130516_110832Dessert? Well to be honest coffee, a banana or nuts have been my dessert as of late. Since I can’t really workout to the best of my ability due to my arm, I have to get more strict with food. And it feels great!969709_660563867290510_1730698749_nQuestion: Have you ever tried Silk soy yogurt? Ever had something “non-traditional” for dessert? I have to say have oatmeal for dessert one day was quite bizarre for this chocolate loving young lady.


25 thoughts on “WIAW# 51: Same Ole, Same Ole

  1. I have never tried Silk Soy Yogurt – sounds good though! I feel like I have been eating ‘non-traditional’ desserts for the past couple of years. Don’t get me wrong, I still eat my fair share of desserts but on a regular basis, if I want something indulgent, I make banana soft serve, cottage cheese smoothies (via Dashing Dish) and peanut butter snacks! Yum!

  2. I just tried the blueberry flavor of the Silk yogurt for breakfast this morning. And honestly…I didn’t love it. Maybe because I am so used to Greek yogurt? I would, however, love to try it in a vanilla flavor.

  3. Your eats all look amazing! I’ve never tried Silk yogurt before… it’s good to know it’s tasty!
    I had no idea you were having stomach issues too (I thought I was following your blog…turns out I wasn’t). I’m so glad you’ve figured out foods that make your stomach happy. I know how awful that can be! Good luck!

    • Aww thanks! It is really good. Stomach issues are no fun, but mines are getting worse but I am finding what works and I’ve never felt better. I just didn’t want to eat a certain way because of critism or looking “bad”. Idk if that makes sense, but now I am just going to enjoy myself and be happy!

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