Baltimore Bliss

On Tuesday my dad and I went to Baltimore to celebrate his birthday.20130521_162721 Yeah, remember it was in February? But I got him tickets to a Yankee game and he’s always wanted to see the Baltimore stadium. Win, win.20130521_155059 I figure he was a big kid and could wait a couple of months.20130521_155147Totally a big kid.20130521_162101The city was beautiful and the people were pretty chill.20130521_162608As we were walking towards the stadium, we saw this; Love it.20130521_154331The game was fun, the vibe was cool and I had a total blast overall. 946652_10101571483830670_1835978637_nTrust me, I had a lot of sweets plus good conversation with my dad. 20130521_164012It was nice to just spend the day with him and catch up on each other’s lives. Sometimes life gets so busy, we forget to take a moment and chat.

Question: Ever find those times where life just happens and you get so busy that you forget to take that moment to talk to loved ones?

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Know where I’ll be? Working >.< 


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