Hello my friends!

After a session I had on Sunday, I went with my mom to the Botanical Gardens to chill. It was so nice to just spend time with her as I have been super busy. Life is just getting in the way as of late.She’s too cute!Frolicking in the Rose Garden.Simply beautiful.We also had coffee and lunch together. I had a turkey and bacon panini with pesto, cheddar, tomatoes and arugula. Best sandwich I’ve had in ages.And how could I forget?Ā On Saturday, we went to see Kinky Boots for her Mother’s Day present.I loved getting a little glittery.It was a pretty good show! I had fun with my moms and I am glad she enjoyed her evening.Sorry I’ve been MIA, it’s just been pretty hectic for me and I am trying to even remember to eat or pee sometimes. I know that may be too much information, but it’s quite true!

Question: How was everyone’s Memorial Day weekend? Any fun-ness? Hope you did because I was WORKING ALL DAMN DAY. Boo.


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