WIAW#52: [Trying To Be] Lean & Green

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

Gee, I am really trying to be good. I have less then 5 days til the AAAI/ISMA conference and I need to look my best. Unfortunately? “Mother Nature” has gotten in my way and I just want chocolate! But I am trying, so here are my eats as I try to be lean and green.wiawphotobuttonFor breakfasts, I make one and a half servings of this cake and slice it a la pancake. This had been my go to breakfast. I’ve just been wanting pancakes all the time for some reason.Lunches and dinners have been the same just like last week. Sometimes a little bit of chicken with black beans and green squash/ zucchini.Or maybe asparagus with chicken and a couple of bocchinis (little fresh mozzarella balls).I’ve gone out a few times this past week and I went to Panera with a friend and had a turkey sandwich on honey wheat bread. It was super delicious!Desserts and snacks? Same, same. Trail mixes or fruit. My cup of tea!935209_662724447074452_1607508794_nQuestion: What’s your favorite lean and green dish? From this week for me it’s been roasted chicken and asparagus. I can’t believe I never tried grilled asparagus, it’s the BOMB!


8 thoughts on “WIAW#52: [Trying To Be] Lean & Green

  1. Darn that Mother Nature. I’m sure you’ll look great no matter what! I think roasted chicken paired with any veggie is my favorite lean dish…I always feel so good after eating it.

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